Monday, 24 August 2015


After a terrible season for butterflies up to now, this last week has seen an explosion of  Peacocks, Painted Ladies, the odd Comma and most of all.....Red Admirals in the garden. Moths continue to do fairly well however.

 Southern hawker

 Dusky sallow

 Dark swordgrass
 Scarce bordered straw
 Broad-bordered yellow underwing (female left, male right)
 August thorn

 Bordered straw
 Centre-barred sallow
Yellow-barred brindle

Sunday, 9 August 2015

More leps

 hummingbird hawkmoth (back garden)

 buff tip (back garden)
 double lobed (filey)
 july highflyer (filey)
 large magpie (filey)
 scarce silverlines (filey)

 old lady (filey)
 wormwood (im), 3rd. vice county record.
 broad-bordered yellow underwing (back garden)
 ear moth agg. (back garden)
 scalloped oaks (back garden)
 burnished brass (back garden)
ruby tiger (back garden)