Friday, 26 November 2010

oman - Eagles and a falcon

 amur falcon
amur falcon

oman memories 5, (still snowing on the cape).

indian silverbill
 another rbf
 gg shrike
 african silverbills
 masked wagtail ( motacilla alba personata)
 little green beeeater
 citrine wagtail
indian roller

Thursday, 25 November 2010

oman cont'd - eagles, exotica and insects to follow

whilst uploading these files to the blog, this is what I could see out of the study window
 spotted crake
 pallid harrier (f)
     "        "              "
        "         "            "      (m) - very distant
 yellow-vented bulbul
arabian partridge

oman memories 3..............a few passerines

 black-crowned finch lark (m)
       "      "     "     "    (f)
 african rock bunting
 red-breasted flycatcher
 black-throated thrush (an oman rarity)
 desert warbler
 graceful warbler
 black-headed wagtail
 red-tailed shrike
desert wheatear (m)

oman memories -2

 sooty gull
 spotted sandgrouse
 glossy ibis
 black stork (oman rarity)
western reef heron (neither 1 morph or the other)

oman memories -1

 red-necked phalarope
 sociable plovers (2 of 4)
 caspian plover
 blue-cheeked beeaters (2 of a flock of 33)
kentish plover