Saturday, 27 June 2009

An East Anglian dozen

12 images from a very short trip to the Norfolk Broads. As you can see, I got carried away with common terns............but what a great subject. (mike)

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Extremadura, spring 2009 - not birds

And once more with feeling, after hapless vandalism erased a similar entry recently (on account of Knots Landing-style intrigue....)

Pearson senior's hearing is 180 degrees off as usual

They stopped laughing when they saw the puncture

It f-ed off ten minutes ago mate

"Thanks for the buffet, dumbos" - one of two geckos stuffed full of leps behind the security light

It took Dr. Doolittle less than five minutes to add a new member to the party at the villa

Horizontally capturing Ortolan and Rock Buntings on the same boulder

Which didn't impress her nearly as much as mountain goats drinking at the stream

"This place is SHIT"

note above mentioned canine in river, who later joined us for swims

'Birder's Wives' centrefold shoot, June 1974

"you look a bit warm love, just pop off that top for me eh?"

"Bonelli's to the left of us, Bluethroats to the right - here I am, stuck in the middle with you"..... Happy Days indeed

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Ontario Moths.

                                             Imperial Moth

                                             Imperial Moth

                                             Polyphemus Moth

  If you look closely you can see that the "eyes" in both the fore and hind wings are transparent. Man did not invent the window!

Some moths are bigger than others

                                             Polyphemus Moth

                                                 Cecropia Moth

                                             Cecropia Moth

More moths

                                               Lettered Habrosyne

                                             Eyed Baileya

                                             Eastern Panthea

Still to be identified are...

Inchworm moths

                                             Oak Beauty

                                             Northern Pine Looper Moth

                                             Pale Metarranthis (?)

                                             No id. as yet

                                             White Slant-line

More inchworm moths

                                             Hollow-spotted Plagodis

                                             Dark-spotted Palthis

                                             Alien Probole

                                             Pale Mentanema

3 Sphinx and a Tiger

                                              Apple Sphinx

                                             Abbots Sphinx

                                                 Northern Pine Sphinx

                                           Agreeable Tiger Moth