Friday, 31 July 2009

Stellwagen bank, off the Cape (the real one)

  Squeezing the last drop out of July, in excess of 320 Great Shearwaters were [robably the pick of the trip, Leach's Petrel and Royal Tern were also seen.
      Sooty Shearwater - A paltry total of 7, presumably most are now in the east atlantic.

                Cory's Shearwater - only about 15 or so.

                 Wilson's Storm Petrel - about 85 were seen altogether

                                  Short-billed Dowitchers

A pelagic out of Plymouth, Mass.

 An early morning whale watch proved more pleasant than spetacular, with 20 or so Humpbacks on view nice and close with most just 'logging', i.e. laying around on the surface doing nothing much.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

a couple more moths

Toadflax Pug
Southern Wainscot

The pug is new for Flamborough, The Wainscot can be identified by the distribution of the small black spots on the wings and the brown band across the forehead, (mike),

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Danes Dyke South

Marbled White-spot (1st. for Flamborough)

Barred Yellow


Peach Blossom

Poplar Grey

Small Phoenix

Early Thorn (compare difference in posture with Purple Thorn posted a couple of days ago).

For details of numbers, see Flamborough WG blog. Images of the more attractive species posted above. (mike)

[NB, 'Flamborough WG blog' is a members-only yahoo group called Flamborough Wildlife Group, not a blog, and applications to join can be made via the group's main page (google 'Flamborough Wildlife'). Apologies for interference on James's posting here, but it's the least I deserve for constantly editing his code into presentable entries, isn't it? ;) Mark]

Friday, 24 July 2009

Silver y

A couple of pics of a Silver y feeding on Vetch.(mike)

Thursday, 23 July 2009

More leps.


Swallow Prominents


Purple Thorn

Can't compete with the New England Odonata (sounds like an aircraft carrier), but here's a few to make your moth withdrawal worse. (mike)

Moth Withdrawl



                                   Blue-fronted Dancer.  Just eatin' some leaf, thinking about dancing,
                                   how pretty life is. 

Dragonflies and half a Damselfly.

                                    Not so pretty anymore.


                                   New born.

  A day out in the public park that is Lincoln Woods, RI (sounds more like a golfer or crimefighter) was pretty quiet for birds, mammals, funghi, pretty much everything except dragonflies... Beyond the thunderdome, surely?

Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Antler Moth, 1st one caught in my trap, though they're fairly common on the outer head, being a moth of chalk grassland. (mike)

Sprawks and a dragon from Abney last week

No Stormies though (sniff)